How do daily prizes work?

Daily Prizes are available for Level 1+ users. Visit Earnably at least once a day, and you'll receive an instant, random amount of points from us!

The amount of points you can win every day is weighted. The smaller prizes have a higher chance of being won than the bigger prizes, which can only be won a certain amount of times in the same month.

The following daily prizes can be won:

  • 0PTS
  • 1PTS
  • 2PTS
  • 3PTS
  • 5PTS
  • 10PTS
  • 25PTS
  • 50PTS
  • 100PTS

There is also a jackpot prize of 10000PTS ($100!) that can only be won once each month. The jackpot prize is very rare, but is available equally to all of our users.