Trivia Tuesday

We run a weekly giveaway over on our Twitter using the hashtag #TriviaTuesday!

By answering trivia questions, you'll be in with a chance to win an exclusive promo code! The promo codes are generated randomly when the giveaway begins and they usually last longer and are higher value than our standard promo codes.

How do I take part?

  • #TriviaTuesday starts at 12AM UTC. We'll tweet a heads up before the giveaway begins.
  • We'll tweet out a new question every single hour of the day. That's 24 opportunities to win an exclusive promo code!
  • You have one hour to answer each question. When a new question is tweeted out, we'll post the answer to the previous question and choose one winner who replied with the correct answer at random.
  • If you've already won a promo code during the giveaway, we'll try to choose someone else who hasn't won yet. You can still be chosen if your answer is the only correct answer or if everyone who answered a question has already won.
  • We'll send you a DM with your exclusive promo code if you're chosen. Make sure that you're following us so we can send you your prize!
  • The promo code can only be used once and will expire one week after it's issued.

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