[Smores.tv] Crediting Issues

For best results, make sure you're using a desktop or laptop computer, that you have completely disabled any ad blockers and proxy/VPN tools, and you've enabled third party cookies. In order for EngageMe.TV offers to credit, you must have watched at least 3 complete ads ("Advertisement" is written above the video player when an ad is playing). Once all 3 ads have been watched, your account should be credited automatically.

Here are a few links to some articles from the Smores.tv Help Center, which you may find useful:

If things still aren't working for you, there may just not be any ads available for you at the moment. Keep checking back every so often, and hopefully more ads will become available to you soon!

Still need help? If you have any more questions about Smores.tv, please submit a request in their Help Center at https://smoreshelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.