How does account verification work?

From time to time, we may require you to verify your identity to protect our platform from fraud and abuse. We'll send you an email if you need to complete the account verification process.

We have partnered with Stripe to power our verification process. Here’s what you'll need:

  • A valid government-issued photo ID document. Not a photocopy or a picture of an ID document. Ensure that the ID document hasn’t expired.
  • A device with a camera, if possible, use a mobile device. Cameras on mobile devices typically take higher-quality photos than a webcam.
Stripe will ask for your consent before collecting and using your personal information. They'll only use your verification data in accordance with their Privacy Policy.
Your rewards will not be processed until you have completed the one-time verification process. It should only take a few minutes to complete and we'll delete your verification data afterwards.