What's changed?

This article covers the major changes in our biggest ever update (we hope you like it!)

New Sign-in Methods

Existing accounts can sign in without Google, Facebook or PayPal by clicking on Sign in with Magic Link on the homepage. We'll email you a magic link to sign in to your account instead.

We recommend that you connect a Google, Facebook or PayPal account to your Earnably account once you are signed in to your existing account.

Moving forward, we will only allow creating new accounts with Google, Facebook or PayPal.

If you are having issues signing in to your account, send us an email at help@earnably.com.

Available Everywhere

Earnably is now available worldwide!

You can now access your account from any location. Certain countries will have very limited offer availability, and there is no guarantee that there will be offers available in your location. New offers are added constantly so it's worth checking back every so often if there aren't any offers available in your country yet.

New Points System

Every 10,000 points will now be equal to $1.00.

With the previous points system, we found that the majority of transactions included decimal points. To make things simpler and more readable, we have moved to a new points system so that decimal points can be avoided in almost all cases.

Your points have been converted and will show up under your Activity as Account Migration.

Pending Credit

All offers with a value equal to or over 50,000 points will remain in pending credit for 30 days. After this period has passed, the points will be credited to your account automatically. This helps us to prevent fraud and abuse while keeping our payout rates competitive.

Updated Referral Links

Referral links will need to be updated to the new link format. You can find your new referral link by clicking Invite on the main menu.

All your previous referrals will still be linked to your account. If you don't get around to updating your referral links in time, drop us an email at help@earnably.com and we'll manually add any referrals that signed up with your old referral link to your account.

Referral bonuses will now credit to your account instantly, instead of on a monthly basis.

Account Verification

We may now require you to verify your identity to protect our platform from fraud and abuse. Only certain users will be asked to verify their identity, and it cannot be skipped at this time.

Your rewards will not be processed until you have completed the one-time verification process. It should only take a few minutes to complete and we'll delete your verification data afterwards.

Updated Offer Wall Rates

We've updated all the payout rates on our offer walls to be more competitive with other websites.

Plus, we've partnered with RevU and Loot.tv!

We are committed to providing you with the best rates. If you have seen a higher rate somewhere else, let us know at help@earnably.com and we'll try our best to match it.

Missing Activity

Any rewards or transactions from our old system have not been migrated across as they are not compatible with our new system.

We will still have access to this activity for a limited time, so let us know at help@earnably.com if you need us to find the details of a particular reward or transaction.

Delete Account

We know it might have been a while since you last used Earnably, and you might not be interested in having an account anymore.

To delete your account and all of your personal data, follow the instructions at https://help.earnably.com/article/201-how-do-i-delete-my-account

Updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

We have updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to account for the recent changes.

Please review our new policies carefully before continuing to use Earnably.

Need Help?

Check out the new Help Center as we might have already answered your question.

Otherwise, drop us an email at help@earnably.com. We are always happy to help. 💙