How do promo codes work?

Promo codes are unique phrases that you can enter below to earn instant, free points! You can enter promo codes at Earn >  Promo Codes.

We offer three types of promo codes - Bonus codes, Rebate codes and Point codes

Bonus codes will add a specific percentage on top of every offer you complete.
Rebate codes give you a percentage of your spend on rewards back when we pay out.
Point codes add points to your balance - completely free!

Promo codes don't stack, but if you use more than one of the same type, they'll automatically queue up.

We add a new monthly promo code on the first of every month, and lots more throughout the month too! You can find promo codes on our Facebook and Twitter pages, our email newsletters (make sure you're signed up at and many other secret places all over the internet!

You can win exclusive promo codes by taking part in Trivia Tuesday over on our Twitter.

Try entering promo code PROMO1 to receive a 1% bonus for the next hour!