How do promo codes work?

Promo codes are unique phrases that you can enter at Earn > Promo Codes to earn extra points.

We offer two different types of promo codes - Bonus codes and Point codes.

Bonus codes add a specific percentage on top of every offer you complete (for a certain amount of time). Here's an example bonus code:

After entering the promo code above and completing an offer worth 500 Points, you would earn 5 Bonus Points.

Bonus Points earned from  Bonus codes are credited to your account at the start of every month. There's no need to "claim" your Bonus Points; they're automatically credited on the first of every month. You can see your pending Bonus Points at Earn > Promo Codes or by hovering over your balance on the menu:

Point codes are usually only released during special events and will instantly credit points to your account balance.

Can I use more than one promo code at the same time?

Sure! Bonus codes don't stack, but if you use more than one at the same time they'll queue up. As soon as one expires, the next promo code will become active automatically.

Where can I find new promo codes?

We add a new promo code every weekend and on the first of every month. You can find promo codes on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, our email newsletters (make sure you're signed up under My Account - we'll never spam you) and on blogs and forums all over the internet. 

We also run a weekly giveaway over on our Twitter using the hashtag #TriviaTuesday.

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