How long does it take to receive a reward?

Your first payment will take up to 5 days to be processed.

Your account will usually be eligible for instant payments after receiving your first payment.

Instant payments are normally processed within a few minutes. Payments may take longer to be processed during busier periods or while we restock rewards.

You can check the status of your rewards by going to My Account > Rewards.

Why is my payment delayed?

We may need to review your account before we can process your payment, even if you usually receive instant payments. This can take up to 5 days.

We take multiple factors into consideration when determining if your account is eligible for instant payments to protect our platform from abuse. We cannot give exact reasons why we needed to review your account, but the most common reasons are:

  • Your account has recently been suspended
  • Your account details have recently been changed
  • Your account has been flagged for manual review
  • Logging in from an unsupported country
You don't need to take any action if your payment is delayed. Decisions aren't final, and accounts can become eligible over time.

Although we try to keep rewards stocked up at all times, we will sometimes need to restock certain rewards which can cause delays.

Why does my payment show as processed when I haven't received it?

Payments are usually delivered within a couple of minutes. In very rare cases, a payment may fail on PayPal or our gift card provider's side and be mistakenly marked as processed on our side. If this has happened to you, please send us a message so that we can refund your payment.

You should only get in touch if you haven't received a payment that shows as processed. You do not need to take any action if your payment is still pending. Why is my payment delayed?
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