Help! My account has been suspended.

Protecting our platform from fraud and misuse is one of our top priorities - this ensures that our users and advertisers can both have a great experience with us. We actively review accounts and payments for misuse, and our system automatically suspends accounts that are suspected of non-compliant or fraudulent activity.

There are many reasons why an account could be suspended:

  • Using a proxy server or VPN
  • Using multiple accounts
  • Fraudulent offer completions
  • Advertiser complaints
  • Spamming your referral link
  • Logging in from an unsupported country
  • Attempting to cheat the system in any way
  • Any other breaches of our Terms & Conditions

Appealing your account suspension

If you believe your account was suspended incorrectly or you've made a mistake (such as forgetting to disable your VPN) you will need to contact us as soon as you can. As long as your account has not been permanently suspended, we'll reinstate your account.

Our decision is always final. In certain cases, an account may be permanently suspended to protect our platform.