Referral Guidelines

We have a few rules that you must follow while referring users to Earnably. Breaking our Referral Guidelines will result in account suspension.

Referral Do's:

  • Share your referral link with your friends, family and followers.
  • Place your referral link in your email and forum signatures.
  • Upload a video about Earnably featuring your referral link.
  • Share your referral link in a blog article about Earnably.

Referral Don'ts:

  • Do not send unsolicited spam emails containing your referral link.
  • Do not post your referral link multiple times on the same forum/website.
  • Do not post your referral link on our official Facebook page.
  • Do not post your referral link on the official pages or forums of other companies.
  • Do not incentivise signing up under your referral link.
  • Bidding on branded keywords ("Earnably") for ads is prohibited.
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